The fort of the cloths

The fort of the cloths


The Ezcaray cloth factory was founded in 1752 and was the main driving force behind textile activity in the Ezcaray area in the 18th century. A region that was already known since medieval times for the manufacture of textile products. It has also been nicknamed "El Fuerte" (The Fort) as it was built with non-combustible materials to prevent fires. A centre for the creation of precious textile works, it perfectly matches the pictorial textures of Paul Gauguin.

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This collection turns some of the most representative elements of the Spanish industrial heritage into artworks. We combine images of each heritage element with the textures of different art masterpieces using a neural style transfer algorithm to generate compositions of approximately 600x480 pixels. Each image is combined with different textures to show multiple aesthetic interpretations of the same location by modifying the starting images and weight parameter of each style. We also do this by presenting different points of view of some of the locations. Several of the buildings or places in the collection have been chosen as a result of their unique characteristics that are explained in the descriptions of the creations that are part of the collection.

This collection has been created with funding from "Ayudas para la modernización e innovación de las industrias culturales y creativas 2022-Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte" from the Spanish Government.

Proyecto financiado con las ayudas para la modernización e innovación de las industrias culturales y creativas
correspondientes al año 2022 del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte.

ministerio de cultura y deporte
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