URIAXAIT S. L. is a technology-based company specialized in deep learning and artificial intelligence developments applied to the cultural, sports and energy sectors. Our motto is more is different, a phrase coined by the Nobel Prize in Physics Philip Anderson that refers to the fact that the interaction of many agents generates emergent behaviors. Our team brings a multidisciplinary vision to the development of our projects and the solution of our clients´ problems. We work with artificial intelligence with and for people.

What is Cultural Sentiment?

Project funded through the line of Aid for the Modernization and Innovation of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, 2022.This project will apply artificial intelligence techniques for the analysis and valorization of the Spanish industrial heritage, as well as the creation of audiovisual and NFT content and the development of marketing strategies linked to the creation of this content.

The objective of the CULTURAL SENTIMENT initiative is the application of artificial intelligence and data mining methods techniques for the creation of contents linked to industrial heritage and in general in the design of products related to this field. One of our developments focuses on the use of artificial intelligence for a better design of tourist itineraries linked to industrial heritage. We work on algorithms for the identification of the most attractive aspects for tourists and the analysis of emotions as methods to optimize tourism linked to industrial heritage. We also apply these techniques to obtain the knowledge that allows us to add value and re-signify the Spanish industrial heritage. CULTURAL SENTIMENT proceeds to combine the reference to our legacy with sentiment to refer to the linking of our cultural heritage with emerging technologies as a paradigm of the frontiers of current technological development. And to expose a hope for the future as some of the artificial intelligence techniques we employ could be significantly improved once new quantum computing technologies become available.

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Proyecto financiado con las ayudas para la modernización e innovación de las industrias culturales y creativas
correspondientes al año 2022 del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte.

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